How long are your breaks?
We typically play sets which last between 50 -70 minutes, depending on the stage of the party. However, with our larger ensembles we can provide continuous live music as well, where portions of the band take breaks while a smaller combo plays.

Do you provide music during your breaks?
We always play on our state-of-the-art sound system during our breaks, making for a continous and pleasant flow of musical ambience.

Can you learn our special requests?
We are always adding to our extensive repertoire, and are happy to learn your requests.

How loud are you?
As professional musicians, we are very sensitive to musical dynamics. Different venues have different acoustical properties, which we quickly adapt to. We also recognize the stage of the party we are playing for and play the appropriate style at the appropriate volume. We recognize the importance of not being overly loud. One of our most often heard compliments is that our music was loud enough to dance to and yet soft enough that guests could have a conversation without raising their voices.

What are your rates?
There are many factors which influence our pricing structure, including number of musicians in the ensemble, time of year, location of the event, and even day of the week. We do know that our rates are competitive and a great value. By dealing directly with us, the musicians, communication is enhanced, faster, and clearer; and you avoid costly fees associated with many music agencies. Contact us for a quote for your event.

How do I know that I am getting a great band if you work with different "custom ensembles"?
Pat Ryan, President of FSM, is adept and experienced at putting together a custom ensemble that will work for you. Our musicians have worked together many times in different configurations. Pat knows the musical strengths of each player, as well what players work together particularly well. You will never get a "pick up" band with FSM, but rather a polished and professional ensemble that is handpicked, with your input, to meet your criteria.

How far will you travel?
We typically play on the Cape and Islands, Boston, and Newport, but will travel anywhere you'd like to have us play (some travel costs may apply).

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